Confessions of Us Nerdy Chocoholics

  • How to Pick the Best Chocolate Present for Your Special Friend
    The first step in choosing the best chocolates is to consider the taste preferences of your special friend. Do they prefer milk, dark, or white chocolate? Are they adventurous and open to unique flavor combinations, or do they appreciate classic, traditional flavors? Take note of any dietary restrictions or allergies they may have to ensure you select chocolates that cater to their needs.
  • Hand-Crafted Chocolate for Computer Nerds
    In a world dominated by screens and code, where binary digits dictate our lives, there exists a delightful escape that can tantalize even the most dedicated computer nerd—hand-crafted chocolate. This exquisite blend of artistry and flavor brings together the best of both worlds, offering a delectable treat for those who find solace in the digital …

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  • Cocoa Beans: Where It All Starts
    The best chefs all know that great food starts with great ingredients. It makes them uncomfortable to admit it, because supposedly “a great chef can build an amazing meal out of lawn trimmings and gravel.” The truth is that chefs build trusted relationships with their vendors, to make sure that they get the freshest fish, …

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  • Strawberry Delight
    Spring is here and fresh strawberries abound. Drop in for one of these freshly dipped delights and take home a box for the whole family. Where to find chocolate-covered strawberries.
  • Don’t ever let your dog eat chocolate
    Bad Dog! Poor baby, he doesn’t know any better, but you should! Chocolate is bad for pampered pooches and their feline friends. Keep the chocolate treats away from your pets. That will keep your pets healthy — and mean more chocolate for you.

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